Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Plywood is a new flexible white cube project site located in North Baltimore's Belvedere Square. As part of Roving Project Plywood occupies a currently unused space, transforming it into a space for creative practice. Plywood will only occupy the location until another tenant leases the available store front.

Utilizing the blank form of the white cube hopes to differentiate and highlight the work that is showcased. Plywood is not a old boys club and welcomes artists, designers and curators who wish to get involved by volunteering their help and sending in proposals for exhibitions/projects. We are open to all proposals and encourage anyone to send ideas for consideration. All exhibition proposals will be reviewed by a committee of artists, collectors and local business owners.

Funding for Plywood is provided through the sale of artwork, the attendance of special events and private parties. Donations are always welcome.