Monday, February 13, 2012


February 24th, 8pm (sharp)

The imminent death of celluloid film has been signaled by events including, most notably, the just-announced bankruptcy of Kodak. At this dark moment for cinephiles, we would like to celebrate the perhaps moribund era of celluloid motion pictures with a screening of experimental filmmaking devoted exclusively to work originating on Super 8mm and 16mm film.

Participating artists include:

Rebecca Reynolds (Baltimore, MD) Osheen Keshishian (Alexandria, VA)
Stephanie Gray (Queens, NY)
A. Moon (Baltimore, MD)

Film Program, Part 1:

Portraits from Concrete, dir: Rebecca Reynolds
Screen Tests by Osheen Keshishian (2011).
Who Do You Think You Are? by Stephanie Gray (2000)
Dream of Me by A. Moon (2007)

Intermission Film Program, Part 2:

The Architecture of Desire
Concrete by Rebecca Reynolds (2007)
Only Lonely (for storm de hirsch) by Stephanie Gray (2001)
One Storey by A. Moon (2011)

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